Ultra long sub-exposure photography

I have just made up 2 beer can pinhole cameras (see Justin Quinnell’s website to see how to do this) and fitted them to a wooden frame on a South-facing wall of the house.  I have opened the shutter (removed the black tape from the pin hole) of one of the cameras, and will start the exposure on the second camera in about a week.  Time for the total exposure?  Somewhere around 6 months 🙂  This will be the longest photographic exposure I have ever taken!  What will it show if it works?  Hopefully we will get the path of the Sun across the sky (for those days not covered in cloud) for the period of the exposure.  Clearly the data will also allow the plotting out of an analemma as a bonus.

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2 Responses to Ultra long sub-exposure photography

  1. Dave Parker says:

    Very cool! Wouldn’t you need to open/close the shutter every 24 hours to plot the analemma?

  2. Greg says:

    Just pick the highest point on the daily curve?

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