Two new ones for 2010

Just had two new publications for 2010 come through the post this morning – the Astronomy Now 2010 Yearbook & Patrick Moore’s 2010 Yearbook of Astronomy.  Why?  Because Noel & I managed to get an “Astronomy Now readers’ pictures of the year” with our February 2009 comet Lulin image and I wrote an article for Patrick’s 2010 Yearbook called “Hyperstar imaging at the New Forest Observatory” which includes Noel/Greg images both from the Hyperstar III and from the Sky 90/M25C.  I would also like to thank Keith Cooper for including Star Vistas in the “Books of the Year” section of the Astronomy Now 2010 Yearbook – thank you Keith 🙂

Well it was very nice to receive the above and get a little lift from this absolutely foul weather we’ve been suffering.  Monsoons and gales means I haven’t taken an image for a very long time now – the last one was a frame for the Heart nebula – and that was on Sunday 25th October 2009 – and I still need to try and get two more frames for that one 🙁  Suffering withdrawal symptoms, but that’s not too unusual for November, very often I’ve found November with all its promise of long evenings is actually a poor imaging month purely due to the weather.  Let’s hope these gales blow the clouds away and we get a couple of imaging evenings (at least) before we enter the final month of the year.

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