Image processing blitz

Noel has been really busy recently with a number of projects and the NFO data backlog has been steadily growing.  As we have had the most atrocious weather all weekend I decided to have a go at image processing some of this data as I’m itching to see what’s been captured.  The supernova in NGC4008 below was one of this bunch of processed images, but I also had a look at:

The mini-Coathanger cluster, 4-frame mosaic around Caph in Cassiopeia, NGC6883 open cluster and nebulosity in Cygnus, 4-frame mosaic around Schedir in Cassiopeia, Caldwell 8 (Ghost’s Goblet), and finally the interacting galaxy pair M51 in Canes Venatici.  The quality of the image processing doesn’t come anywhere near close to Noel’s standards – but at least I now have an idea what’s been captured 🙂

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