Geminids tonight!

There’s plenty of clouds at the moment 🙁 but I’m hoping for just a few gaps in the cloud tonight.  No Moon – and it should be the peak in the Geminid meteor shower (13th – 14th December 2009).  Went out for a bit of practice last night with the 40D piggy-backed on the C11 – just as well really as every picture was out of focus!  I know how to sort that particular problem out tonight – if it decides to clear.  Rather than squinting at the little dim LCD on the back of the 40D I shall hook up the laptop in “Remote Shooting” mode and use the Remote Liveview plus the magnifier to carefully focus (also through the laptop so no fumbly paws trying to do the job) the 40D.  When satisfied with the focus flick the switch from autofocus to manual (so things don’t change) and trigger the remote timer to take the frames.  It’s as much of a pallava as doing “real” deep-sky imaging with the main scope.  Please let’s have at least a couple of clear hours and plenty of meteors tonight – pretty please 🙂

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