M34 and planetary nebula Abell 4 in the constellation Perseus

Unbelievably I managed to get some imaging done on the night of Thursday December 10th 2009 – the last image I took was on October 25th 2009!  Got 4-hours worth of 4-minute subs on the nice little open cluster in the constellation Perseus.  High cloud/fog/mist all night but it didn’t seem to affect the imaging too badly:

I cropped out the tiny little planetary (I had no idea it was Abell 4 until told by people on the ODS and PAIG forums – thanks guys, I’m well-impressed!)

And I grabbed a DSS image of the object from Aladin just to check it really is Abell 4 – which of course it is 🙂

no images were found

Unbelievably it is clear again tonight (well bar the high cloud/mist/fog) so I’ve been imaging since 6:20 p.m.  We’ll see if I manage to actually get something useful tomorrow.

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