Alien technology?

O.K. so this is getting quite a ways off deep-sky imaging, but I just clicked on a site that I thought was going to tell me about ultra-black materials and I was instead treated to a monologue of how the United States has already reverse-engineered alien technology (alien being defined as some entity from another world in this instance) for its own use.  This instantly reminded me of a hilarious incident on the TV some 15 or 20 years ago.

I was watching a programme on the same subject, basically how alien technology was being utilised by the United States government – and part of this programme was a live link to the States and a discussion with a well known Professor who was supporting the “alien technology” thesis.  He was there telling us how the strange craft coming out of Area 51 were the direct result of reverse-engineering crashed extra-terrestrial vehicles when……… suddenly…….. we lost the TV link.  Now call me a sceptic, but I have a real problem understanding how a country that has already reverse-engineered flying saucers for its own military use can possibly have trouble maintaining a video link for a few minutes.  Or maybe the break in communications was from our side 🙂

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