Our latest deep-sky image: M44 the Beehive cluster in Cancer

Noel has just completed processing the 5 & 10-minute subs (probably around 8 hours worth in total) taken on the Hyperstar III of the Beehive Cluster – M44 – in the constellation Cancer.  At this time of the year we really only have Cancer objects in a really good imaging position as an early evening start is a little too soon for Leo.  The other problem is that there are really only two objects in Cancer worth going for – M44 & M67.  So maybe I will save M67 for next year as Leo is now getting itself in a good position and I need to get data all around M87 to add to our mega Markarian’s Chain mosaic.  Noel & Greg present you with M44 – the Beehive cluster in all its sparkly colour:

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