mini-WASP update

I have a new all-Aluminium connector designed and built for connecting an SXM26C (or H18 mono) CCD at the correct metal-back distance to the focal reducer on the Sky 90 refractor.  I am just getting a further 3 of these custom-built connectors made so I have one for each of the 4 x Sky 90 scopes.  Each connector has an internal thread for a 2″ filter – and the maximum possible aperture has been used throughout the connector to reduce (hopefully to zero) the slight vignetting I used to see on the old system.  Also Eric Kennedy (NTE Poole Ltd.) will be delivering the all-aluminium custom-built pier for the Paramount ME very shortly.  Next stage in the process will be the concrete support for the pier, the surrounding wooden decking, and finally the larger fibreglass dome to house the beast.  Hopefully this latter part of the project should be completed by end of June 2010.

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