Print of the Month

On a fairly regular basis (but probably NOT monthly) I shall be offering a “Print of the Month” at a significantly reduced price.  This will be an A3 full colour, full-resolution print using HP Glossy 250g/m2 Advanced Photo Paper and the 6-colour HP designjet 130.  Each print will be signed and dated and will come in a protective polypropylene punched pouch.  Prints will then be packed in a robust cardboard poster packaging tube for shipping.  The Special Offer price is just £25 which includes postage and packing!!  This offer is only open to U.K. residents.

This Month’s “Print of the Month” is the 2-frame Sky 90/SXVF-M25C image of the Horsehead nebula and Belt of Orion region.

Please note that as this image is almost “square” there will be a largish white border on the long side of the paper, i.e. the image will take the maximum width of the A3 sheet, and this will also be the “length” of the image as well.

If you would like to order your March 2010 “Print of the Month” of the Horsehead nebula and Belt of Orion region – please e-mail to arrange your delivery.

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