M100 – left hand frame

I took the frame to the left of M100 last night using a bit of dead-reckoning – and unbelievably I scored a perfect hit 🙂  So the top two frames on the Markarian Chain mega-mosaic are now complete!  The bottom mosaic around M87 is also done – so the last bit of work I am going to do on this one, having had a word with Noel, is to get some nice deep high-resolution data using the Hyperstar III, on the Chain itself.  I daren’t say this half way through the day – but it actually looks like another clear night tonight – so you know what I’ll be doing.  If it is clear, that’ll be something like 7 clear Moonless nights this month so far – I think that must be a record from when I started in September 2004.  If I get any more clear nights this month (yes I’m now getting greedy) I will probably just try to add more and more good data to the Chain.  Virgo is now making its way West and soon it will be too far over into the trees for me to get a good imaging session on it during a single evening – time to move onto something new, probably the goodies in the Ursa Major/Canes Venatici region.

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