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M87 – frame number two acquired!

Managed to get the second frame done last night in the mini-M87 mosaic I need to collect in order to complete the mega-Markarian Chain mosaic.  Just one frame to go!!  Am I going to be lucky this year at long … Continue reading

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Vesta image acquired from the NFO makes today’s EPOD!

Today’s EPOD shows the asteroid Vesta leaving the head of Leo the lion as recently taken from the NFO.  Unusually both the data acquisition and the image processing for this one were carried out by yours truly.  There are a … Continue reading

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M87 – one of three frames captured last night

Had some clear skies last night – no Moon,  and no high cloud either!  Started imaging around 10:30 p.m. and called time at midnight.  Had M87 centred on the frame, really wasn’t expecting to get this one this year (missed … Continue reading

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Simon Singh and libel reform

Below I am copying the e-mail Simon Singh sent out to people who have helped in some way regarding changing the libel laws of this country.  Rather than e-mail all the people in my address book who were so helpful in supporting … Continue reading

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9-microseconds during the Cider making process – high speed flash photography

Last one for today – a 9-microsecond ultra high speed flash shot of an air rifle pellet interacting with an apple.  Used the beautiful little 50mm Canon lens on this – pin sharp and costs around £85, excellent value for … Continue reading

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Easter project – high speed flash photography

As the weather is not going to play ball for deep-sky imaging I had planned on taking the definitive shot of an egg meeting an air rifle pellet.  However – I had forgotten just how messy this business is, so … Continue reading

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The mini-WASP array – one step closer

Today the CEO of NTE Poole Ltd. Eric Kennedy – brought me the all Aluminium pier for the mini-WASP!  The usual beautiful craftsmanship and Aluminium-welding which are the hallmarks of NTE Poole Ltd.  The wall thickness of that vertical tube is 1″ … Continue reading

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IOM April 2010 – interacting galaxy pair M51 in Canes Venatici – the whirlpool galaxy

April brings the Ursa Major/Canes Venatici objects into a good imaging position.  Our Imaging Object of the Month this month is the interacting galaxy pair M51 known as the whirlpool galaxy.  M51 lies 15 million light years away in the … Continue reading

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