Markarian central – the central frame of a Coma/Virgo mega-mosaic

This is the central frame of a large mosaic being constructed of the galaxy-rich region at the Virgo/Coma border – hot off the press from Noel Carboni.  We see Markarian Chain central and at the bottom M87 in this Hyperstar III image.  This is just one of seven (yes 7!) Hyperstar III frames taken in this general area during April – I am surprised we had so many clear nights in the one month.  The mega-mosaic will also incorporate 3 frames taken 2 years ago with the Sky 90/M25C system with its 3.33 x 2.22 degree field of view per frame.  I will cover the region up to (Northwards) M100 and its surroundings, and Southwards to well below M87 where plenty more small galaxies are to be found.  I’m not sure what the final size of the mosaic will be, but I estimate it somewhere in the region of 6 degrees by 4 degrees – high-resolution and good depth 🙂  Another Parker-Carboni mega-imaging-project in the same league as the Veil nebula, the Andromeda galaxy, and of course the Belt and Horsehead region of Orion.

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