The largest, highest resolution, deep-sky print to date

Noel has just processed our largest deep-sky dataset to-date (there is a larger one waiting to be finished).  This is the Cocoon nebula with the associated  huge dark nebulosity.  The picture below shows a print I just made on the HP Designjet 130 6-colour printer.  You can tell from the filing cabinet that this is a fairly large print 🙂  It actually measures 22.5 x 58 inches and is printed at 200DPI!!  This is the biggest, highest resolution print I have made with the HP printer to date.  This print will be available for sale shortly, but as it took nearly two hours to print out and consumed an outrageous quantity of ink – it won’t be cheap.

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2 Responses to The largest, highest resolution, deep-sky print to date

  1. Tom How says:

    That is extremely impressive – question is do you have a frame that big?

  2. Greg Parker says:

    Hi Tom,
    I have professional framers just around the corner who can frame ANYTHING 🙂 But I might post this one off to the gallery in Bristol where I have an Exhibition next month and get it framed there.

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