Black border around screen/monitor

Now here’s a really annoying one you may have been putting up with for quite some time with no apparent solution.

As you know on my super-duper-computer system I run 3 screens (one via an adapter which seems to create its own problems – but that’s another story), thing is I had a one-inch unused black border around the edge of two of the screens that I couldn’t shift with any of the screen controls or resolution settings or refresh settings.

The graphics card is an ATI Radeon HD 5700 series, the Catalyst Control Centre software is the latest 10.9 version, and the screens are IIYAMA Prolite E2407HDS.

You will see tons of useless garbage on the Internet on how to “cure” this problem – and none of them work (of those that I’ve seen anyway).  Here’s how to fix your annoying unused black border problem!

1)  Go into the Catalyst Control Centre

2)  Go into Desktops and Displays

3)  At the bottom of the D&D screen you will see your monitor setup.  Click on the black downarrow associated with the monitor you want to fix.

4)  Click on Configure.

5)  Go into Scaling Options.

6)  Drag the scaling options marker to 0%.  Miraculously you will get your (almost) full screen back.

Why on Earth this stupid bit of nonsense has been put into the software and made so difficult to find I have absolutely no idea.

Hope you enjoy your “new” screen 🙂

Update!  I take it back – in the 6 months or so that I’ve had this problem I now see there’s a number of correct solutions posted up.  Great!  Just needs a little more widespread publicity now so that it becomes common knowledge.  I still have no idea why this totally useless option is made available though.

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