Bill Anders, Jim Lovell & Charlie Duke

I said that Garik Israelian had assembled an unbelievable lineup of mega-celebrities!  What do you make of this then?

On the left we have Bill Anders, Apollo8 astronaut who had just given a talk on “Early American Space Program”.

In the centre we have Jim Lovell, Apollo13 astronoaut, who of course gave a talk titled “Houston.  We have a problem”.

On the right is Apollo 16 astronaut Charlie Duke who gave a talk titled “Apollo: More than an adventure”.

This image was taken at question time immediately after the Apollo astronauts had given their very interesting accounts.  It felt surreal then, it feels even more surreal now sitting in my study writing this up back in the U.K.

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2 Responses to Bill Anders, Jim Lovell & Charlie Duke

  1. Richard Hargrave says:

    Hi Greg,
    I was there too! What an amazing event! I am still not back on Earth!!! At one point I was sitting to the door side of the stage when Sergei Zhukov came and sat next to me, we chattted! Then he left and Neil Armstrong came and sat next to me!! Wow! We didn’t speak as he looked like he wanted privacy but then in between Neil and I came and sat Alexei Leonov! He said hello, shook hands and hugged Neil Armstrong and then sat down, looked at me, shook hands and said hello! Couldn’t beleive it! Not only that but most of the conference I sat next to Kip Thorne and his wife! I think I may be dead and in heaven! I have photo’s with Jill Tarter, a great personal favourite of mine, Kip and Mrs Kip, Bill Anders and Charlie Duke! When we were up Mount Teide, Charlie stopped and asked me ‘Are you ok Richard?’ I mean, he asked me! I passed a few moments with Dr. Brian May, another of my hero’s and a really nice guy! I also met with kathryn who discovered a supernova at her 4th attempt and opened the proceedings and her parents, lovely people. Many more too numerous to mention moments! So glad I went! Yes indeed, Super Well Done to Garik!!! What’s next? Please someone follow this up!!!! If nothing then I think I will have to do something! It was what life is and should be about! Sorry to be so self indulgent but I just needed to share my excitement!
    Best wishes and until the next epic!
    Richar Hargrave

  2. Greg Parker says:

    Hi Richard,

    Like Woodstock – you had to be there to understand 🙂

    All the best,

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