The Starmus Festival Tenerife – a major success – well done Garik Israelian!

Yes that really is Neil Armstrong – the first man on the Moon – and he was at the Starmus Festival speaking!

The Starmus Festival was created by Garik Israelian who managed to attract an amazing lineup of World Famous celebrities to the event – how he managed this I will never know.  Over the days/weeks I will put images of this star-studded cast up here on the New Forest Observatory web site so that you can see what you missed by not attending this most amazing event.

On the evening of the final day there was a two and a half hour concert by Tangerine Dream with Brian May making a guest appearance at the beginning and the end of the concert.  Definitely the most enjoyable music event I have ever attended (and I’ve been to quite a few in my time) 🙂

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