NGC7788 and NGC7790 a pair of open clusters in Cassiopeia

Some more old data off the hard drive – this time from 3rd March 2011 – 47 sub-exposures at 5-minutes per sub using the Sky90 and M25C combo.  NGC7788 and NGC7790 a pair of open clusters in Cassiopeia – North is to the right in this image.  You can also see a small region of emission nebulosity which I can’t find on The Sky 6.  Anybody know what it is?

You will see in the comments below that Tom How identified it correctly as SH2-168.  The reference to CTB1 is an “in joke” 🙂

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9 Responses to NGC7788 and NGC7790 a pair of open clusters in Cassiopeia

  1. Tom How says:

    Sharpless 168 I think. Lots of sharpless objects around there. Suggest you download some extra catalogues for TheSky – I can’t work without the sharpless catalogue installed in Skymap.


  2. Greg Parker says:

    Yep it is SH2-168 you can show me how to download extra catalogues for The Sky 6 – I have absolutely no idea how to 🙂

  3. Tom How says:

    oh, I’ve twigged it now. CTB1 🙂

  4. Greg Parker says:

    No – it’s not my Nemesis 🙂

  5. Tom How says:

    No no – not a joke. You can just see CTB1 in the upper right of your image. Either that or my navigation is miles out.

  6. Greg Parker says:

    Of course you are right!! I took this one on 3rd March 2011 and I’d completely forgotten why I’d taken it. This is the starfield background for CTB1 in case I ever get a decent image of the supernova remnant. Only a few months and I’d forgotten all about it – this is what retirement does for you 🙂

  7. Tom How says:

    Perhaps a nice new observing log book to complement the new observatory.

  8. Greg Parker says:

    I hate to say – I do have one – and this is all written down in there – but I didn’t look it up when I did the processing 🙁

  9. Tom How says:

    oh dear, i fear you are beyond aid!

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