Algol and Rho Persei

This is data from 10th November 2010 and this time I have used all the 54 sub-exposures (4-minutes per sub) by treating the raw data slightly differently.  If I simply colour convert the 16-bit FITS files, then some come out as if there was cloud (or fogging of the CCD).  If however I first convert to IEEE floating point format and then do the colour conversion – the problem goes away – not sure why – don’t care why – it allows me to use all the data and that’s all I care about.

I have shown this one before a while back.  I looked at my star map to find two differently coloured (bright) stars that were also pretty close together so that I could get both in the FOV of the Sky 90/M25C.  Having done Albireo a long while ago, I found this beautiful star-pair Algol (beta Persei) and Rho Persei in Perseus.  Processing by yours truly 🙂

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