Deep-Sky Image of the Week – a new page for the New Forest Observatory – send me your best work

Sorry – but there’s a bit of a rant coming up – you have been warned.
The last straw for me was today’s (29/09/2011) APOD of the Cocoon – I felt quite ill seeing that one first thing in the morning.
I sent the big 3-framer Noel & I did of the same area into APOD just a few weeks ago – and they then publish today’s effort.
O.K. I know I am very slow – but I do eventually get the message – the APOD guys aren’t going to publish any more stuff from me (I’m not sure what I’m meant to have done – but I guess it must have been pretty terrible).
So here’s what I am going to do about it.
I am going to put a “Deep-Sky Image of the Week” section on my New Forest Observatory web site with a link to a higher resolution version of the image (if available) on my Flickr site.
I am inviting submissions from amateur imagers located anywhere on the planet to send me their images and the one that impresses me the most will get the air time for that week.
I will be putting a copy of this message on an American Astronomy Forum and an Australian Astronomy Forum so that there is some pretty wide coverage.
I know there are plenty of gifted amateur imagers out there that have been equally unimpressed with the APOD guys (I know because some of you have written to me asking what exactly the hell you have to do to get published on APOD  🙂  I guess I can’t answer that question anymore).
Anyway – I’m coming to the end of the rambling (oh by the way I got the first 4 x 3.33 high resolution image out of the mini-WASP array last night – guess who won’t be seeing anything coming out of that system?  🙂 ) – if you fancy being part of a counter-movement to the APOD monopoly, send your images (JPEG, not too big) to with brief image details and I will get this show on the road as quickly as I can.

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