This is the new Deep-Sky Image of the Week page and your opportunity to show the best of your work to a large audience.  The New Forest Observatory site is rapidly approaching a quarter of a million visits and new posts typically appear on Google within a couple of minutes!!  Modestly I am kicking this page off with a Parker/Carboni rendition of the Cocoon nebula region.  This is a 3-frame Hyperstar III mosaic taken using the old rig in the South Dome – a Hyperstar III equipped Celestron Nexstar GPS C11 with an SXVF-M25C one shot colour camera.  Image acquired by Greg Parker and processed by Noel Carboni.  As I am kicking up a fuss about the (in my opinion) highly overprocessed version of this area shown on today’s APOD  (the APOD guys received the Parker/Carboni definitive version a few weeks back) – I thought it appropriate to post our image so that you can compare it with today’s APOD and come to your own conclusions.

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2 Responses to “Deep-Sky Image of the Week”
  1. Tom How says:

    I think they’ve been listening to too many David Bowie songs…

    Blue Blue Electric Blue
    That’s the colour of my room where I will live
    Blue Blue

  2. Greg Parker says:

    I know it isn’t helped too much by being up until 3:00 a.m. but that one was really too much for me first thing in the morning.

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