How many stars?

Registar allows you to do a star count on an image.  I have no idea how accurate (or not) this is, but it’s a bit of fun to run it on some of the “Milky Way” images, and here’s what I get as a result.

1)  Cocoon nebula – 2-framer with the Hyperstar III – 61,405 stars.

2)  The CTB1 region in Cassiopeia (near NGC7790) – 2-framer with the Sky 90 – 68,228 stars.

3)  The recent North America nebula image – 3-framer with the Sky 90 – 79,652 stars.

4)  Cocoon nebula – 3-framer with the Hyperstar III – 98,791 stars.

5)  Ruchbah region in Cassiopeia – 4-framer with the Hyperstar III – 121,497 stars.

As I said – just a bit of fun really – but the numbers always come out a lot less than I would “guesstimate” in looking at the images.

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