Deep-Sky Image of the Week – Harry Page

This week’s image is a superb ultra-deep offering of the Cocoon nebula from fellow PAIG member Harry Page – VERY nice Cocoon Harry!

The Cocoon nebula (IC5146, Caldwell 19) is a small emission nebula in the constellation Cygnus.  Why I particularly like this region is the Milky Way background and the long dark trailing nebulosity of Barnard 168.  Lying at a distance of 3,300 light years this small nebula only covers 10 x 10 arc minutes, so Harry is working at a longish focal length to get this frame.  Details from Harry are:


1) Lum 10 hrs SXVR H35

2) RGB 5Hrs SXVR H35

3) 14″ newt with orion optics corrector

4) Processed in Pixinsight

Thank you for a superb Image of the Week Harry 🙂

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One Response to Deep-Sky Image of the Week – Harry Page

  1. budguinn says:

    Hi Harry, this is a beauty. The over fifteen hours of exposure has really worked well to reveal the background dust and bring out some very nice detail….and as always with your shots, the color is spot on.
    Lovely shot,


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