Icy Dock 8Tb storage solution for the mini-WASP data

The white Aluminium box with 4 x HDD bays is my new “Icy Dock” attached storage unit for the mini-WASP data.  Each evening’s imaging (if we ever see a clear sky again) will generate a lot of data from the 2 x M26C one-shot colour cameras, and I will store all this data on the Icy Dock.  Behind the 8Tb Icy Dock unit there are 2 x 2-bay Icy Box units holding a total of 4Tb (4 x 1Tb HDDs), and just to the right of the computer is a USB3 caddy with a 500Gb HDD attached.  With 2 x 500Gb in the actual computer itself this means something like 13.5Tb of storage on the Windows 7 64-bit machine – should do me for a while before I need to start burning data to Blu-Ray 🙂

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