First Hyperstar III image of 2012

As mentioned below, last night I focus trained and collimated the rebuilt Hyperstar III system on the C11.  This image is the result of 10 x 5-minute subs taken with a bright Moon playing havoc as well as thin high wall-to-wall cloud.  To say I am extremely pleased with this image is a massive understatement.  Pin sharp (and round!) stars right across the M25C chip – it’s looking better than ever 🙂  These subs were also dithered, so no hot pixels to be seen!  Also – took my very first set of flats for the Hyperstar III this morning (and bias frames) so all the subs were flat and bias calibrated which made the processing of this data a doddle.  I am going to have great fun getting back into Hyperstar imaging and my latest thoughts are to add the fine faint detail to the wide field mini-WASP data using the Hyperstar data.  I think this combination is due to create some pretty amazing deep-sky images 🙂 🙂


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