Serendipitous data archive – the Virgo/Coma galaxies

Frame 1 of 7 taken with the Hyperstar III processed and ready to be made into a mega-mosaic  of the Virgo/Coma galaxy region.  Over 16 hours of Hyperstar III data taken between 7th April 2010 and 17th April 2010 found in the archive and now being processed.  Fairly straightforward processing each individual frame – but stitching all the frames seamlessly together is going to be a major challenge 🙂  Get your star map out to see how much ground I’ll cover with this one.  It goes from M100 furthest  North to M98 furthest West down to M60 furthest South/East.  WOWSER – this is going to be a biggy!!!!

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3 Responses to Serendipitous data archive – the Virgo/Coma galaxies

  1. Pascal says:


    I am very interested in your Virgo/Coma mosaic project. I have been enjoyinhg looking at the inverse frames to see the really faint fuzzies.

    I would like to know what your experience is when assembling these HS III frames, especially in regards to the geometric distortion of the HS which I have read about in other’s reports
    (Samir Kharusi –


  2. Pascal says:


    Very sorry about the strange typo in my comment above (enjoyinhg). I am “typing” on my iPad virtual keyboard, and I am finding it more difficult than my “real” keyboard, on which I can actually “touch” type.

    In reference to your mega-mosaic project, you may get a smile from the name of the street I live on – Virgo Drive. There is no Coma Place in my neighborhood, though.



  3. Greg Parker says:

    Hi Pascal,
    I have an “undistortioner” action for Photoshop written by Noel Carboni who wrote the action specifically for undistorting Hyperstar data so that it could be stitched together to form mosaics.

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