The Monkey Head nebula – just a single hour using the Hyperstar III system

Taken on the evening of Friday 13th January 2012 (living up to its reputation just about EVERYTHING went wrong this night) we have the NGC2174 region in Gemini known as the Monkey Head nebula.  I have North down in this image so that the Monkey’s Head is clearer to see.  What is amazing about this image is that it is just one hour’s worth of exposure time (6 x 10-minute subs) using the ultra-fast Hyperstar III system at f#2.  There was also an intrusive Moon playing havoc.  This turned out so well under adverse conditions that I feel I must do it justice by imaging it again on a Moonless night with maybe 5-minute subs just to get the total number of subs up.

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3 Responses to The Monkey Head nebula – just a single hour using the Hyperstar III system

  1. Pascal says:


    Beautiful. Of course!

    I know that you have SX M26C cameras for your Mini Wasp, but you are using the M25C on the HS III. Which would you recommend for my C14/HS system? I also have a Tak Sky90 with the FR/FC.


  2. Greg Parker says:

    I would recommend the M26C camera for both. Why wouldn’t you ever want more pixels?

  3. Pascal says:

    Thanks. That makes sense.

    I am still considering my options, though. I am seriously thinking about a QSI 683 monochrome with 5 slot internal filter wheel. I want to be able to do LRGB (and possibly NB) on my Tak Sky90, a f/4.8 MN, and the C14 with FR/FC at f/8. According to Starizona (and my own measurements) the QSI will work on the HS 14.

    I am quite convinced by your arguments and excellent results of the merits of an OSC with the HS. However, i can’t manage the price of both an OSC and a mono camera at this time.


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