NGC1999 region with the waterfall nebula – learned at lot with this one!

Managed to get 2 hours of 10-minute subs using the Hyperstar III on 26/01/2012.  In fact I got 4 hours worth of subs but didn’t realise the bottom of the image was being clipped by the trees over the back, so now I know how far south I can image, and it isn’t much below the bottom of M42 itself 🙁  So things like the Sombrero and NGC2170 are out of the question which is a shame.  Back to NGC1999.  Obviously this object needs a LOT more data, and the usual 8 hours total exposure time would seem to be about right.  Not sure if I will go back to this one to get more data or not.  In the much larger uncropped image there are also a pile of geostationary satellites, as much as a problem as the satellites that sit in the middle of the Witch Head nebula.  I can always image something else later in the evening of it remains clear I suppose but getting 8 hours of data in 2 hour chunks is a bit wearisome.  Might just move onto something higher up where I can get 4 to 6 hours in one go – we’ll see.

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