The dust clouds of Caph

This is a Hyperstar III 4-framer of the Caph region in Cassiopeia.  Each frame is a 1-hour exposure (40 x 90-seconds) at f#2.  I had no idea there was so much dust in the region, this area is in the Milky Way, yet you can see vast areas where the stars seem to be missing due to the intervening dust clouds.  Also in this image are vdB1 and HH161 at around the 7 O’clock position from Caph (thank you Anna for identifying these for me) and towards the middle/left is dwarf irregular galaxy IC10.  Top right there is a piece of emission nebula that I have just caught – not sure what this one is yet either.  Plenty going on in this 4.26 x 2.80 degree image 🙂


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