Phase 1 of the Virgo/Coma galaxies mega-mosaic now completed

Here is a colour and negative B&W version of the on-going Virgo/Coma galaxies mega-mosaic.  Over 4 years in the making so far, this image stretches from M58 in the bottom left hand corner right up to M100 in the top right.  Each image measures 4.42 x 5.16 degrees where the diameter of a full Moon is just half a degree (like the Sun).  The image comprises over 10 individual frames and a total imaging time well in excess of 40-hours.  I will not be taking such large fields of view with the Hyperstar III in future, that’s the whole purpose of putting the mini-WASP array together.  However it is very satisfying to see such a big field of view at the relatively high resolution of 2.85 arc seconds per pixel.

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