Little steps

A couple of nights ago I had an hour to continue setting up the mini-WASP array before in came the cloud.  I was working on collimating camera 1 to scope 1 (camera 2 is well-collimated to scope 2 and giving good results).  I didn’t get tight collimation on scope/camera 1, but I can tell by the way that it’s slowly iterating to a decent collimation value that the scope itself is reasonably well-collimated – so it’s just a matter of persevering until the job is done.

When both scopes/cameras are collimated I then need to get both scopes tightly aligned to the same object and then get the polar alignment highly tuned – I am thinking about downloading PEMPro and giving it a try, not only for the polar alignment but also for the PEC training which will follow the polar alignment.  Then it’ll be Robofocus training both scopes for all 5 filters [IDAS, H-alpha, H-beta, SII and OIII].  After all that I might be in a position to do some decent imaging, so far from being over, the fine-tuning carries on 🙁  You can’t believe how happy I am that I decided to go with “only” 2 imaging scopes and cameras to kick off with – if I’d been (typically) daft enough to go for all 4 I’m sure I’d have given up by now.


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