UU Aurigae – a Carbon star in the constellation Auriga

UU Aurigae

Star name:                                           UU Aurigae

Other names:

Constellation:                                      Auriga

Other ID:                                             SAO 59280, HD 46687, HIP 31579, HR 2405, BD+38 1539

Magnitude:                                          5.446

Absolute magnitude:                            -3.1 +/- 1.1

Luminosity, Sun = 1:                           1400 +/- 1400

R.A. 2000:                                          06hr 36min 32.8364sec

Dec 2000:                                           +38deg 26min 43.8sec

Spectral type:                                      C5II semiregular variable

Temperature:                                       3,450 K

Mass, solar masses:

Radius, solar radii:

Distance in light-years:                       1,630 +/- 820


UU Aurigae is a binary Carbon star in the constellation Auriga.  Period of variation 441 days.


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