Spica – the brightest of the very blue stars in the night sky

Whereas there are lots of very red stars in the night sky (not many bright ones though) there are fewer very blue stars, that is stars with a big negative B-V index.  The brightest very blue star in the night sky happens to be Spica, which I was only really aware of this year, very low down on my southern horizon, travelling along with Saturn, during this Spring.  As I am interested in imaging the brightest very red and very blue stars in the night sky I imaged Spica with the Hyperstar III and the M25C camera, but being bright meant that I got an enormous unwanted lens flare from the Hyperstar III.  I can’t deal with bad lens flares in the processing, so Noel Carboni came to the rescue and processed this one for me.  Great job Noel!!

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