Image of the Month – June 2013

Yes – another single star picture for this month’s Image of the Month.  Polaris, the Pole star, the North star, Alpha Ursa Minor – the Navigator’s friend.  I like this region of space because 1)  It is rarely imaged and 2)  It is difficult to take deep images in this region due to the vagaries of the good old GEM.  Quite a few faint fuzzies in the background of this one, and many of them are closer to the Pole than well-known Polarissima Borealis.  The green cross-hairs at the 2 O’clock position from Polaris indicate the position of the North Celestial Pole, as you can see, it’s actually quite some way from Polaris.  Finally, yes, if you think you can see some “cloud” in there – this is a touch of the Integrated Flux Nebula (IFN).

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