The Hyperstar III is back on-line

I have completed the initial experiments with the Canon 200mm lens piggy-backed on the C11, so yesterday I removed the kludge on the back of the C11 and re-instated the Hyperstar III – just in time for all the winter goodies.

The 200mm lens will go on the top plate of the mini-WASP with the other 200mm lens.  One lens will have an M26C attached, the other will use the Canon 5D MkII – all bases covered.

Cloud last night meant I couldn’t focus train and collimate the Hyperstar III – but from the images I did download I could see there wasn’t too much sorting out to do.

So final steps before we’re up and running again, focus train using FocusMax and collimate the Hyperstar using CCDInspector.

Then image the goodies 🙂

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