This was a test shot having removed camera 2 for re-flattening on the laser pen rig.  Short gap in the clouds gave me half an hour’s imaging time on the M57 region in Lyra.  But only half an hour means a respectable hour and a half with 3 x Sky 90s 🙂  So the image below is 9 x 10-minute subs taken using the 3 x Sky 90s and 3 x M26C OSC CCDs.  This test shot led me to realise something else.  As I can get a reasonable frame in just 30-minutes, I can put a Sky 90 4-framer together in just over 2-hours.  So a project that would have been a multi-night effort can now be done in a single evening – now can’t wait to get the first Mega-WASP 4-framer 🙂

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