Hyperstar 4 and ASI2600MC-Pro now on the Celestron C11 Nexstar GPS SCT.

Starizona sent me the latest Hyperstar 4 and an ASI2600MC-Pro CMOS colour camera to get me out the door and start doing some work again. How could I possibly say no? So the image below (expertly processed by Noel Carboni) is Second Light for the kit and is a SINGLE 10-minute sub of the Pelican nebula. Well I know enough about this game now to state that this kit is going to produce some SUPERB images – provided I get enough clear night hours to use it to its full potential.

The new Hyperstar 4 completely fills the APS-C size chip in the 2600 camera but there is some vignetting to deal with, easily controlled by taking some flat frames. In addition this image is a single UNCALIBRATED sub, no flats, no darks, no bias frames. Another amazing thing about this camera – there’s virtually no hot pixels to be seen. And all this at a set temperature of only -5C, it’s incredible. You’ll see in a post above, another unexpected bonus. There’s no ghost flaring from the bright stars in the Pleiades – well done Starizona!!!

Provided I can get some clear Moonless skies this season, this remarkable piece of kit is going to keep me extremely busy. I might not have a lot of time to man the MiniWASP array, and that will be a painful experience.

Keep checking in to the New Forest Observatory to keep right up to date with the new Hyperstar 4 adventures.


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2 Responses to Hyperstar 4 and ASI2600MC-Pro now on the Celestron C11 Nexstar GPS SCT.

  1. Ed Jacoby says:

    Which adapter do you use on 2600 and HyperStar 4 yo get correct back focus?

  2. Greg Parker says:

    The one Starizona supplied with the Hyperstar 4 which includes a filter drawer.

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