First light for the Hyperstar 4 and ASI2600MC-Pro CMOS colour camera on the C11.

Well I posted up the Second Light image from the Hyperstar 4 so I thought I might as well post up the (less-impressive) First Light image as well. This image comprises of 2 x 1-minute subs, 2 x 5-minute subs, and a single 10-minute sub, so just 22-minutes in total. The gain setting was zero for this image, whereas it was 100 for the Pelican sub.

You will also see that this North America nebula image appears to be almost a square format – what’s that all about? Well somehow the sub-frame box in Maxim DL got ticked and that’s the size of the sub-frame it chose. How did the box get ticked? Not entirely sure, but the last few weeks I have been plagued by the wrong settings appearing in Maxim DL after a Windows Update – so it appears that Windows Updates can somehow screw up Maxim DL – I’m not a software expert so don’t know whether this is possible, or just a coincidence.

Anyway – it’s all systems go for the new kit at the New Forest Observatory and I can’t wait to let it loose on the Winter goodies. Let’s just hope for some decent weather for a change.

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