Another clear night last night.

Another clear (but not Moonless) night last night – so it was  perfect for setting up the array. Managed to get the 3 Sky90s aligned, focused, and sensors flattened – so the Sky90 array is now ready for some clear, Moonless evenings.

The Hyperstar 4 on the C11 with the ASI2600MC-Pro camera is awaiting its first clear Moonless evening since setting up for an imaging experiment. Details to follow.

And the 2 x Canon 200mm prime lenses are awaiting the USB lens focus controllers recently ordered from First Light Optics. When these are fitted and the wide field rig is up and running again,  I hope to bring even better wide field DSOs to the NFO site. If both lenses are found to give very similar (if not identical) views, then I will change from overlap imaging (both lenses image the same region) to side-by-side imaging, where I take a 2-frame mosaic in one go.  This rig in this orientation should give me an 8 x 6.5 degree FOV!!

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