Update on the Configuration of the Sky90 Array

Having proved the efficacy of the utterly superb Optolong L-Enhance filters on the 200mm lenses (with ASI 2600MC Pro CMOS cameras) – it was clearly time to fit the same thing to my Sky90s (with Trius M26C OSC CCDs).

2 of the Sky90s have filter wheels attached so now they will be configured with the following filters:

  1. UV/IR cut filter.
  2. Optolong L-Enhance filter.
  3. R75 (infrared) filter.
  4. SII narrowband filter.

The third (main) Sky90 will just have a 52mm UV/IR cut filter so this is the scope that will be used to get the star colour. As the 3rd Sky90 is on the same level as the guide scope, I will be able to image with this (UV/IR cut filter) Sky90 at the same time as I image with the 200mm lenses. More data is good data.

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