The 32 Cygni Region of Cygnus

This single-frame Sky90/M26C OSC CCD image contains a lot of interesting bits and pieces. The data comprises 8-hours and 10-minutes of 10-minute subs with a UV/IR cut filter.

The bright orange/yellow star lying on the centre line about 1/3rd of the way down from the top is 32 Cygni. 32 Cygni is magnitude 4.2 (visible to the naked eye) and is spectral type K31b-II comp.

Move to the left, and slightly above 32 Cygni, and you will come to the first of two Carbon stars in this image. This Carbon star which adds its beauty to the wispy emission nebula that surrounds it, is SAO49477 or U Cygni. U Cygni is a Carbon star of spectral type Cme and magnitude 8.25. U Cygni sits right next to star SAO49479 of spectral type G0 and magnitude 7.87.

Move to the right, and slightly above 32 Cygni, and you come to the second Carbon star in the image SV Cygni, spectral type R3v and magnitude 8.65. SV Cygni is also designated HIP99310 and also GSC 3563:462. 

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