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A regular visitor to this website made the valid comment that the Andromeda image has been the latest one to be shown for far too long. Why has it been up there for so long? Very simple really, I haven’t had a clear Moonless night for weeks, and I haven’t managed to visit any of my winter regulars at all this year. That however is absolutely no excuse for not keeping this site right up to date (weekly at least) and presenting material I have taken earlier.

Here’s one I might not even have put up before (I haven’t checked) and if so that’s pretty remiss. This is 22 subs at 2-minutes per sub on the 200mm lenses with the ASI 2600MC Pro CMOS cameras – and the subject is Sirius. I say cameras (plural) but in fact only one of the lenses could actually image Sirius, the other was below the level of the observatory wall.

So that I do not lapse into extreme laziness in my old age I will attempt to produce a new “Picture of the Week” every Sunday to try and keep (the rapidly waning) enthusiasm going.

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2 Responses to Picture of the Week

  1. Excellent alpha star! Thought it was Polaris on first view then read text!

  2. Greg Parker says:

    Your observation prompted the next “Picture of the Week” 🙂

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