Picture of the Week

For this week’s “Picture of the Week” I have chosen my favourite asterism, namely Kemble’s Cascade. Not only is this a superb star cluster in its own right, but it also has 3 very special stars closely associated with it. These are:

  1. UV Camelopardalis, SAO13009, R-type star.
  2. V Camelopardalis, SAO12870, N-type star.
  3. BD Camelopardalis, SAO12874, S-type star.

I like this region so much I have imaged it with the Hyperstars, the Sky90 array and the 200mm lenses. The first image above is a 4-frame mosaic using the Sky90 array. The second image is a single framer using the 200mm lenses, and the third image is a composite with the R, N and S-type stars annotated.

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