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Rosette in Practical Astronomer

I was very disappointed to note that Noel Carboni was not credited with all the digital image processing in the text accompanying the Rosette nebula image in the June 2008 issue of Practical Astronomer.  I have asked Eddie to rectify … Continue reading

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The Rosette nebula features in the June 2008 issue of Practical Astronomer

Great news!  Our definitive Rosette nebula image incorporating RGB, H-alpha and OIII data features on the cover, and centre-page spread of Eddie’s superb Practical Astronomer magazine.  Nice print job there Eddie 🙂

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Robofocus update

The Robofocus guys are getting a new website together and asked for photos of the Robofocus on customers’ systems.  This is how the Robofocus looks on my Tak Sky 90 which is piggy-backed on the Celestron Nexstar 11 GPS. The … Continue reading

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Statrep NFO 16th May 2008

The high-resolution draft version of “Star Vistas” has now been electronically delivered to Springer.  Some suggestions for improvements in the text have been made, and Noel and I are working on these presently.  There is a review of my “How … Continue reading

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IC443 the Jellyfish nebula complete with extra H-alpha.

Noel completed Star Vistas late last night, and this was the final image to be prepared for publication.  This is IC443 the Jellyfish nebula, and IC444 is the large emission nebula (which also contains a reflection nebula and a very … Continue reading

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Star Vistas completed 10th May 2008

Noel Carboni has literally just completed the last fine adjustments on the new deep-sky coffee-table book – Star Vistas.  He is now assembling the high-resolution version ready to send off to Springer.  We are hoping for publication early 2009.  I … Continue reading

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Hampshire Astronomical Group seminar II

I had a great evening in Clanfield last night with the Hampshire Astronomical Group who made me [the wife and the dog] most welcome.  If you are invited along by HAG to give a talk, I can highly recommend you … Continue reading

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Hampshire Astronomical Group seminar

I am giving a seminar to the Hampshire Astronomical Group at the Clanfield Memorial Hall tonight at 7.45 p.m.  You will be able to purchase signed copies of “Making Beautiful Deep-Sky Images” at a reduced rate.  See you there 🙂

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Do we live in a Matrix Universe? The endgame.

It is clear the way my time is going that I am never going to complete my book “Game Over” which describes the end of our computer generated “reality”.

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IC1805 the Heart Nebula in Cassiopeia

Noel Carboni is putting the finishing touches to Star Vistas as this post goes out, and he created this deep-space masterpiece from a collection of old NFO data.  The appropriately named Heart Nebula is a favourite target for Northern-Hemisphere amateur astroimagers.

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