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The mini-WASP decking has been treated – dome due for delivery next week :)

Managed to get the deck treated without the threatening rain actually coming down.  Plastic over the all Aluminium pier as it is threatening to rain again, and this time it looks like it means it. Gary is due to deliver … Continue reading

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Nobel Prizewinner George Smoot talks at the Starmus Festival Tenerife

Nobel Laureate and astrophysicist George Smoot gave a talk titled “Signals from the beginning” at the Starmus Festival, Tenerife.  Garik – how on Earth did you get all these megastars to come along?

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Greg Parker contemplating the void in Teide National Park

The coach driver took a stop here on our way up to the Teide Observatories and Noel Carboni snapped this one when I wasn’t looking 🙂  Nice picture Noel.

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Greg Parker at the Teide Observatories

Noel Carboni got this one of me in front of the Observatories at the Teide Observatories site in the Teide National Park, Tenerife.  A glorious day like every day spent on Tenerife – what a place for Sun lovers 🙂

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Brian May, Alex Cherney and Greg Parker at the Parador Turismo hotel Teide National Park.

It is evening and the Sun is setting fast now.  Having disturbed Brian’s peaceful contemplation of the beautiful Sunset behind the distant caldera I added insult to injury by getting a photo opportunity in as as well.  Sorry Brian 🙂 … Continue reading

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Light pollution even here!

A star party was held at the Parador Turismo hotel in the Teide National Park.  Brilliant – I’ll be able to get some great shots of the Scorpius region.  So here is a single sub from the Canon 5D MkII.  … Continue reading

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Bill Anders, Jim Lovell & Charlie Duke

I said that Garik Israelian had assembled an unbelievable lineup of mega-celebrities!  What do you make of this then? On the left we have Bill Anders, Apollo8 astronaut who had just given a talk on “Early American Space Program”. In … Continue reading

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The Starmus Festival Tenerife – a major success – well done Garik Israelian!

Yes that really is Neil Armstrong – the first man on the Moon – and he was at the Starmus Festival speaking! The Starmus Festival was created by Garik Israelian who managed to attract an amazing lineup of World Famous … Continue reading

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More Teide Observatories

More observatory heaven on the Teide Observatories site.

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Teide Observatories panorama

A panoramic view of some Observatories taken at the Teide site.

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