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From one extreme to the other!

 I’ve been a little quiet on the astro-imaging front this last week as I have had an unexpected electronics repair job to carry out!Another hobby area of mine involves photography, but at the other extreme end of the spectrum to … Continue reading

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5 Clusters and a Nebula: The M103 region in Cassiopeia

It’s been a bit quiet lately but, at last, a new image 🙂 You’ve heard of 4 weddings and a funeral – well this is 5 clusters and a nebula!  This is the M103 region in Cassiopeia, and it is very … Continue reading

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An introduction to narrowband Filters

In a few of my posts about imaging you will see me mention “narrowband data” and words like “OIII” and “H-alpha”.  Well, this is to do with narrowband light filters and line emission sources of light [as opposed to broadband emitters].  For … Continue reading

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Keeping Time

Have you ever had the problem where the time indicated on one of your clocks (including your computer’s clock) is different to another one?  Well, I have and it can certainly cause headaches when trying to analyse the large amounts of data that … Continue reading

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Water, Water, Everywhere

As I am located in the New Forest, you can imagine that for some months of the year, particularly from late September until late November, condensation is a major problem in the dome.  I have always used a product called … Continue reading

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The Veil Nebula in Cygnus Imaging Project: Almost, but not quite…

The last RGB image of the Veil nebula has been significantly improved by adding some H-alpha and some OIII narrowband data as can be seen in the accompanying image.  However, the project has turned into an even bigger undertaking.  I … Continue reading

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The Steve O’Meara Herschel 400 Observing Guide (Steve O’Meara)

The Herschel 400 is a list of 400 objects catalogued by the eighteenth century astronomers Caroline and William Herschel. I put Caroline’s name first here because apparently she made a couple of new discoveries, that were not on Messier’s list, and … Continue reading

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Deep-Sky Wonders (Walter Scott Houston)

Deep-Sky Wonders has been created by adapting the work of Walter Scott Houston from his Sky & Telescope articles over the years.  Unfortunately for us “Scotty” [as he was affectionately known] is no longer with us, the book was edited by … Continue reading

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IOM September 2007: M31 – The Great Andromeda Galaxy

The beginning of September might be considered a touch early [Walter Scott Houston in his “Deep-Sky Wonders considers it a November object] for M31, but the nights’ are now drawing in quickly, and you will be able to get a … Continue reading

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