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SVII image acquisition now at 50%

We have now acquired 50% of the entirely new image portfolio for inclusion in Star Vistas II 🙂  I estimate that the full set of images for the next publication will be completed late 2009, early 2010.  If you liked … Continue reading

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Sir Patrick Moore hosted one of his legendary St. George’s Day parties from his Selsey home.  The camera-shake was real as he wielded his Sword of St. George with a little too much enthusiasm 🙂

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Supernova in NGC 4088

I’ve been kicking my heels waiting for a clear night since hearing of the new supernova in NGC 4088 a few days back.  By some miracle I have a clear Moonless night tonight (18th April 2009) and I’m locked on … Continue reading

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Latest news

The talk at Southampton University on 1st April went very well, and the few copies of Star Vistas that I brought along sold out 🙂 Tomorrow I will be on a local radio station – I have no idea what … Continue reading

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Inner space again – papier mache fine art

From deep-space images back to inner space images once again!  Just found this in the shed this afternoon and had to take a macro of it: A wasp’s nest, with the honeycomb region about half an inch across.  Amazingly beautiful … Continue reading

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EPOD for 1st April 2009 – the “37” cluster in Orion

It does look like an artificial grouping of stars to make up the number 37 – but the group of stars at the centre of this image are for real and clearly show the number 37, proving Douglas Adams although … Continue reading

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IOM April 2009: La Superba!

This month’s imaging object is a star – but a rather special star of course – it is La Superba, one of the redest stars in the sky and it resides in the constellation Canes Venatici (the Hunting Dogs).  La … Continue reading

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