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Work in progress IC59 and IC63 Gamma Cassiopeia

With under a couple of hours using 90-second subs I wasn’t expecting much from this one apart from the stars.  I was amazed at how well the nebulosity stood out – power of the Hyperstar!!!  Noel did a heroic job … Continue reading

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IYA website Astropic of the week

Noel & I have an image today on the International Year of Astronomy’s website as “Astropic of the Week”.  It is our image of NGC6914 – a reflection nebula in the huge Gamma Cygni nebulosity IC1318.  Excellent!!!

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Work in progress – the NGC7788 region in Cassiopeia

This is a 2-frame Hyperstar III mosaic of the NGC7788 region in Cassiopeia. This region is famous for having 6 open clusters in a line. However, towards the top of the frame (not visible in this image) is a fascinating … Continue reading

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Hyperstar III image of IC1805 in H-alpha

On 10th October 2008 I managed to get 3 hours and 40-minutes worth of H-alpha data on the Heart nebula in Cassiopeia using 10-minute subs.  The Moon was causing all sorts of trouble and the seeing was poor which led … Continue reading

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Moon – it’s up there, causing trouble, so may as well image it!

For us deep-sky images I’m afraid the Moon is simply a nuisance, especially as it approaches full.  Well tonight I wanted to do some imaging – so there’s only one choice really, and that’s the Moon.  This image was taken … Continue reading

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Report on hardware changes

I can report that the hardware changes made a couple of days ago produced the expected result – tracking is now back to the very high accuracy I had when using the Hyperstar 1.  Unfortunately I also had to turn … Continue reading

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Astronomy Technology Today (October 2008)

In their latest edition, Astronomy Technology Today have published two very nice Hyperstar articles, one written by the Starizona boys and one by yours truly. Astronomy Technology Today have kindly allowed the New Forest Observatory to host these articles, and … Continue reading

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The New Forest Observatory makes today’s EPOD!!

Today’s EPOD is the Canon 40D image of the crescent Moon and Mercury taken a while back. The sky played ball for a change giving a very atmospheric 🙂 image.  This one image has by far the greatest number of … Continue reading

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The big four O!

New Forest Observatory clocked up its 40,000th hit this morning!  A big welcome to all new and regular readers, and here’s hoping for some long, crisp, clear Winter evenings 🙂

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Some hardware changes.

Now that the Hyperstar III is going to be the main imager for some time to come, I have just made some system hardware changes.  The (relatively) heavy Sky 90 has been removed as the guide scope and replaced with … Continue reading

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