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Media coverage of the NFO

The Star Vistas radio programme was broadcast on Radio Solent on the morning of Friday 28th November 2008 – you can download this interview over the Internet. Meridian TV will be at the New Forest Observatory this coming week to cover … Continue reading

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Star Vistas in the daily papers

It appears that the forthcoming publication of Star Vistas has caught the attention of the Press.  Although they have as usual got the detail incorrect, it’s a case of all publicity for Astronomy is good publicity.  The Sun has something … Continue reading

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A definitive M33 image from the NFO

A final 3-hours total exposure time using 30-minute subs completed the Autumn 2008 mega project – M33 the pinwheel galaxy in triangulum!

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Concept2innovation dot com

Those of you that have used AOL as your internet service provider will know that they have now stopped their web hosting service.  This is quite a blow for those of us that have used this service to promote our work, … Continue reading

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The Belt region of Orion as never seen by the naked eye

Here is the second marathon processing session by Noel.  This time it’s the Belt region of Orion.

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NGC7000 and the Pelican nebulae in Cygnus

Noel has been very busy processing recently and the first to come back across the pond was this composite image of the North America and Pelican nebulae in Cygnus.

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The mini-WASP array morphs into the NIP

It is just as well I don’t have the funds available to proceed with the mini-WASP concept as it has given me time to think about the whole system.  Since coming up with the idea of multiple imaging scopes to effectively … Continue reading

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M33 – the Pinwheel galaxy in Triangulum

Noel has just completed some precision image processing on this latest Hyperstar III image taken over 3 nights.

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EPOD 1st November 2008 the Jellyfish nebula

More great news!!  Today we got the Jellyfish nebula (IC443) and its companion IC444 published as an Earth Science Picture of the Day. 

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IOM November 2008: IC410 and IC405 the Flaming Star nebula

This Month’s gems are a pair of beautiful emission nebulae in the constellation Auriga.  Of the two, IC405 is the more famous as it is the well-known “Flaming Star” nebula, a region of H-alpha emission, but with an amazing reflection … Continue reading

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