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The Iris nebula in Cepheus

The latest Parker/Carboni offering is the beautiful Iris nebula in the constellation Cepheus.

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North America nebula high resolution true colour 3-frame mosaic image.

Acquired by Greg Parker at the New Forest Observatory and expertly processed by Noel Carboni in Florida U.S.A. the NFO proudly presents the whole of the North America nebula in high resolution and true colour.

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The summer 2008 mega-project. Work still in progress.

As you are all aware – we didn’t have a summer this year, so the “summer” mega-project for 2008 has been making incredibly slow progress.  I managed to get out on the evening of 19th September to grab 3 more … Continue reading

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Waning harvest Moon 19th September 2008

I don’t do planets, or the Moon, as my deep-sky setup is not geared up for these.  However, last night’s Moon prompted me into action.

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An aerial view of the New Forest Observatory

Here is an aerial view of the NFO.  The house on the end where the road bends round is home to the NFO, and you can see the dome as a white circle at the bottom of the garden.

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How does a mirror really work?

I now realise that the initial case I considered – a page of text facing a mirror with the page parallel to the mirror – was a very special, and very restrictive case – so it wasn’t really the best … Continue reading

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Mirrors really are Magic!!!

A while back I wrote how you get lateral inversion (“mirror writing”) in a mirror.  I worked out the solution independently of the (same) one given by Martin Gardner in his book “The Ambidextrous Universe”.

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Another type of image stacking

Not everything on this site is deep-sky stuff, occasionally I publish something interesting that’s associated with the photographic process.

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Earth Science Picture of the Day [EPOD] for 4th September 2008

Great news yet again!!!  I managed to get an EPOD image published today.

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The Crescent nebula NGC6888 in Cygnus with the Hyperstar III

Noel has just put the finishing touches on the latest acquisition from the New Forest Observatory.  This time it is the Crescent nebula region in Cygnus, and this represents just under 4-hours worth of H-alpha data, together with 2 and … Continue reading

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