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Polaris and the Integrated Flux Nebula

Noel Carboni put together a bunch of Polaris subs we had and I overdid the curves to pull out the very faint Integrated Flux Nebula (Galactic Cirrus) lurking in the background. Very surprised at the amount of Cirrus that came … Continue reading

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Are you living in a computer simulation II ?  

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The Last Word on Square Roots

If you have played with the square root function on an electronic calculator you may have noticed something odd.  It looks like if you take the square root of ANY number that is not actually a perfect square, then you … Continue reading

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What does Cantor have to say?

Admittedly Cantor was in his writings not very explicit about what he did take the set theoretic universe as a whole to be. One problem is that it is not in every instance clear whether he has a theological or a mathematical conception … Continue reading

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God and the Absolute Infinite – the Ein Sof

If God is the Absolute Infinite, the Ein Sof, then I think we are entering very interesting territory.  Why?  Because I don’t believe there is ANYTHING in the physical Universe that is infinite.  I don’t believe there are an infinite … Continue reading

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The Canon 200mm lenses and M26C OSC CCDs do the Twins

A beautiful clear Moonless sky last night and I put the MegaWASP array onto the Twins – Castor & Pollux. Castor frame was 20 x 10 minute subs and Pollux frame was 18 x 10 minute subs. Very pleased with … Continue reading

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The Definitive Rosette nebula from the MegaWASP array

Recently the MegaWASP array grabbed 6 x 2500-second subs on the Rosette nebula.  Noel Carboni added this data together with everything else we had on this object and came up with the result below.  I now consider this one well … Continue reading

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